Industries MBR Serves

Your industry has unique HR challenges, and MBR is equipped to help.

Every business has a different set of circumstances and HR challenges to face. At MBR we’ve faced nearly all of them and helped people like you conquer those challenges head on.

Industries MBR Serves

Many of the Industries We Proudly Serve

We love what we do and who we do it for. Below is a list of the industries we service as well as several case studies to learn a little more.

Family Owned Business

More than 90% of businesses in the U.S. are family-owned. Your company brand and family reputation are intertwined, and your employees are part of your family.

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Privately Held Company

A private company may be family-owned, or answer to a board of directors. Company operations and human resources are intimately connected.

Employee Owned Business

Responsive HR is critical when your employee’s own part of the company, where motivation and engagement may be higher.

Publicly Traded Company

A publicly traded company has more scrutiny, more regulations, more HR complexity, and answers to their shareholders.

Arborists & Landscapers

From maintaining lawns and yards, outdoor hardscape installations, or studying and managing individual trees, these seasonal businesses have year-round challenges.

Architecture, Engineering & Design

Creative minds require more flexible human resource solutions.

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Construction & Trades

Construction industries such as HVAC, Plumbing, Electricians and Contractors can be quickly overwhelmed by a high demand for technical talent.

Environmental Services

Highly regulated and with a demand for regular training and certifications, environmental service companies are rapidly growing essential businesses.


Private practices, specialty physicians, and federally qualified health centers are challenged by staffing, compliance, staff burnout and patient service demands.

Information Technology Company

The IT industry is managing an increasingly remote workforce, with demand for higher salaries and benefits.

Packaging Company

Creating a strong culture is essential to remaining competitive in the packaging industry.


Funded by tax dollars, public utilities are highly regulated and have unique HR demands.

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Restaurants / Fast Casual / Bars

High turnover, complex payroll, and safety issues challenge restaurant owners to meet the demands of the hospitality industry.

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Transportation & Logistics Company

Global supply chain issues have changed the logistics industry overnight. Emerging technologies and a younger workforce place a new demand and urgency on human resources.


Understanding the daily dynamics and day to day challenges of a warehouse environment is essential to staffing and retaining this constantly changing workforce.

Four Simple Steps to a Better System of HR in Your Organization

Schedule a Discovery

1. Schedule a Discovery

Take the initiative and book a discovery meeting. We’ll discuss your challenges and discover the best way to move forward.

Find & Hire Quality Talent Quickly

2. HR Assessment

We will come to you and help you sort through your HR materials and processes. We will learn everything we need to know about your HR goals, and leave no stone unturned as we prepare to build your tailor-made HR system.
Get Your Quote

3. Get Your Quote

After your HR assessment, we will build a comprehensive quote that will give you a clear roadmap to reach your HR goals.

Get Back to Business

4. Get Back to Business

It’s time to get back to business now that your HR problems are behind you.

At a time when we were somewhat in disarray, MBR came in and helped organize things and get the ball rolling. Their team jumped in and got their hands dirty with whatever project was needed.


Rachel Kutay assisted me with all my needs of opening a new business. From providing necessary forms for hiring employees, to assisting with web design, Rachel did it all. Quick to response and supplied a resource for my every need. Highly, highly recommend!


I have known and worked with Rachel in various capacities for several years. Most recently, having opened my own business, she helped me develop staffing & compensation plans. Her pragmatic, common-sense approach to our challenges has been very beneficial, and I highly recommend her and her team.


Rachel was great at guiding me to update myself for a new job search. She gave me information about putting my portfolio online and pushed me to be more creative with my resume so that I looked the part of a design professional. That was extremely helpful in increasing my confidence when applying for positions.


Rachel Kutay was an immense help with opening my new business. She set up everything from hiring employees to assisting with web design and policies. She had an endless bank of superior resources for any need I had. Her knowledge, prompt response and encouragement settled a lot of fear that came with the territory. I highly recommend My Business Resource for anyone who is opening a business or has any business needs.