Employee Handbook

Communicate clear expectations and guidelines with a well written employee handbook.

An employee handbook is considered an essential Human Resources tool. It’s a valuable way to communicate your company’s expectations to your employees.

Employee Handbook
A poorly written handbook can expose your company and its employees.

A poorly written handbook can expose your company and its employees.

Handbooks contain the company’s policies and management expectations. A handbook provides the guardrails for the business and employees to operate. Employees can know what to expect and how you as an employer will address their problems and concerns.

While it’s a simple concept, writing an employee handbook can be very challenging. Handbooks are not one size fits all! The number of employees, state(s) and cities where your business operations, your industry, and your unique company culture all dictate what needs to be contained in the handbook.

We understand what a well written handbook has to have.

Our team can write your employee handbook from scratch, provide feedback on the policies you already have in place, or review your existing handbook for compliance with the most current laws. After an introductory call where we collect some basic information on your business, we get to work writing compliant policies specific to your company. We’ll review these together, make any changes, and provide you with a handbook complete for your employees to sign-off!

Four Simple Steps to a Better System of HR in Your Organization

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1. Schedule a Discovery

Take the initiative and book a discovery meeting. We’ll discuss your challenges and discover the best way to move forward.

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2. HR Assessment

We will come to you and help you sort through your HR materials and processes. We will learn everything we need to know about your HR goals, and leave no stone unturned as we prepare to build your tailor-made HR system.
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3. Get Your Quote

After your HR assessment, we will build a comprehensive quote that will give you a clear roadmap to reach your HR goals.

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4. Get Back to Business

It’s time to get back to business now that your HR problems are behind you.

At a time when we were somewhat in disarray, MBR came in and helped organize things and get the ball rolling. Their team jumped in and got their hands dirty with whatever project was needed.


Rachel Kutay assisted me with all my needs of opening a new business. From providing necessary forms for hiring employees, to assisting with web design, Rachel did it all. Quick to response and supplied a resource for my every need. Highly, highly recommend!


I have known and worked with Rachel in various capacities for several years. Most recently, having opened my own business, she helped me develop staffing & compensation plans. Her pragmatic, common-sense approach to our challenges has been very beneficial, and I highly recommend her and her team.


Rachel was great at guiding me to update myself for a new job search. She gave me information about putting my portfolio online and pushed me to be more creative with my resume so that I looked the part of a design professional. That was extremely helpful in increasing my confidence when applying for positions.


Rachel Kutay was an immense help with opening my new business. She set up everything from hiring employees to assisting with web design and policies. She had an endless bank of superior resources for any need I had. Her knowledge, prompt response and encouragement settled a lot of fear that came with the territory. I highly recommend My Business Resource for anyone who is opening a business or has any business needs.